Betting on basketball with windaddy

Basketball is a sport that has appeared on gambling sites and mobile apps since its inception. Importantly, it is also a particular favorite in the team sports betting category. Some of the major sports tournaments include the following:

  • NBA;
  • Basketball World Cup;
  • Euroleague;
  • NBA All-Star Game;
  • Basketball Eurocup;
  • American Basketball League;
  • EuroBasket;
  • Turkish championship and more.

Each competition is your guarantee of a good time with the possibility of big earnings. And the higher the bet, the more opportunities to hit the jackpot!

Betting on Basketball

How to place my first bet on basketball?

If you have decided to join the windaddy user group, you are wondering how to place your first bet correctly. And that includes sports like basketball! Well, it’s very easy to do. Follow the steps below and enjoy:

  1. Visit the windaddy website or mobile app;
  2. At the top of the screen, select sports from the variety of sections;
  3. Click on basketball;
  4. Decide on the match, the type of bet, and its size;
  5. If necessary, make a deposit;
  6. Fill in all the fields regarding the bet;
  7. Confirm the action.

After that, the page will be refreshed. You will see that the bet has passed. Keep track of the date of the tournament, so as not to miss the crediting of the money won. Everything happens by itself, automatically, so don’t be afraid that you haven’t done something.

How to place your first bet on basketball