Windaddy Bonuses and Promotions

As you know, attracting new users and retaining the interest of existing users. And a lot of that is thanks to the bonus and promotional program. The main offers are categorized based on application category, size, and validity period. Thus, among the main ones on the website and in the windaddy mobile app you can find:


Keep in mind that all these gifts will save you personal money. All funds received from bonuses can only be used on the website or mobile app. They cannot be withdrawn somewhere for your personal use in real life, remember that.

winDaddy Bonuses & Promotions


Welcome Bonus – a gift for new players. It is usually only available once and after you sign up for an account. Its conditions and features are as follows:

Size100% on your first deposit
Maximum amountINR 11,000
Expiry Date7 days
What happens to the bonus after the deadline?Blocked

Windaddy Welcome Bonus


This bonus is seen as a kind of insurance that will allow you to get back some of the money you’ve spent. The features and conditions are as follows:

Size10% of the amount spent in live casino and classic
How often does it accrue?Weekly
Accrual timeThursdays from 12 AM to 6 PM
RestrictionsINR 50,000

winDaddy Weeky Cashback on Casino


This bonus is a lot like the one called the welcome bonus. In this case, you also get 5% on each deposit. This gift is called a closed bonus. You can subsequently convert it into an earned bonus. The maximum amount you can get is INR 5,000. The validity period of a closed bonus is 14 days, while the earned bonus is unlimited. So keep this information in mind and don’t forget to go through the conversion procedure!

Bonus on All Deposits


The final, but no less interesting option is to win 100 grams of 22-carat gold. You can do this every month. The main prerequisite for this is to manually top up your personal account with your bank card. Basically, the draw for the past 30 days will take place before the 05th day. The important thing is that the higher your total deposits, the better your chances of winning!

Gold Bonus: Win real 22-carat gold with winDaddy

How to use the bonuses on windaddy’s official website and mobile app?

In order not to miss out on any of the great offers within windaddy, you are advised to subscribe to all social media sites or check the section responsible for bonuses and promotions as often as possible. And if you find an item of interest, you can do the following:

  1. Open the windaddy website or mobile app;
  2. Go to the Promotions section;
  3. Select the offer you are interested in;
  4. Click on the yellow Let’s go button.

You will then have to fulfill the conditions that will be written in the general window. If you meet all the conditions you become a full member of windaddy’s bonus program! Remember that all funds are credited automatically, which means you don’t have to monitor and control them on a daily basis. Keep an eye out for notifications!

How to usr Bonuses in the App?


How often are the bonuses in this program updated on windaddy?

As a rule, these gifts are divided into seasons or months. You can therefore check in more frequently on the website or in the mobile app at the beginning of the month or so to get a closer look at the updates.

Are the bonuses available in INR?

Yes, they are. All bonuses are counted directly in this currency as it is the main currency on the website and mobile app.

I have fulfilled all the conditions, but I haven’t received the bonus accrual. What should I do?

Once again, read all the basic terms and conditions of the program carefully. You may have missed something. The second step is to keep track of the time the bonus has been credited. If everything is in order, contact windaddy’s support team.